Become A Better Surfer

Surfing has long been a popular pastime of those who enjoy the summer months. The experienced surfing community even enjoys surfing during colder and stormier weather, which often allows for larger waves to ride. If you are a beginner surfer, however, it would serve you well to constantly improve your skills. Whether you are looking to free surf or surf competitively, here are some helpful tips towards becoming a better surfer.

- Picking the right wave

When first starting out, most surfers think that the larger the wave, the better. A truly experienced eye, however, will be watching how the wave is breaking. The shape of the wave is what is most important in choosing wave that is right for you.

- Keep a low center of gravity

Balance is key; take a look at a running back on a football, and you can see how they keep themselves low to avoid getting knocked off balance. The same concept is applied to surfing, as staying low will decrease wind resistance, allow for you to pick up speed and maneuver more effectively.

- Good hand position in hand paddling

Racing out to beat the incoming waves is a critical aspect of becoming a better surfer. When your hands are slightly cupped, do not let your fingers touch each other. If you thrash about wildly with your fingers splayed like some sort of creature, you will likely have a difficult time getting out to the line up. Keep your fingers in position and take long deep strokes similar to when you are swimming. Work to improve your back muscles and do push ups, this combination can really make a difference.


- Watch Videos On The Internet

Watching film and videos on other surfers, analyzing their form and applying it to your own skillset is a great way to pick up new moves. If you’re having trouble with any aspect of surfing, take the time to watch a video in slow-motion, over and over until you have grasped the concept of their movements.

Ultimately, nothing beats real-world experience; some of the best places to surf in the world are at Nicaragua resorts, where you can get firsthand experience from surfing instructors. Not only is it a great place to learn how to surf better, but the amenities at these resorts are fantastic. Get your skills to the next level!

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