Find Surf Paradise and More in Nicaragua

Some of the best surfing in the world can be found in beautiful Central America. Surfing in Nicaragua offers the best of the warm breezes of the tropics and the big waves of the Pacific Ocean. With crystal clear waters and warm sandy beaches, it’s no wonder that the country is quickly building a reputation as one of the best surfing destinations in the world.


Why Come? Waves and Weather



One of the main reasons Nicaragua surfing is growing in popularity is the consistency of its waves and weather. There are beaches throughout the country that boast at least 300 days per year of beautiful, sunny conditions. Nicaragua is also home to waves of varying intensity suitable for different levels of skill. Barrel waves, small crowds, and minimal underwater hazards are other factors contributing to the surfing community’s love affair with the Nicaraguan beaches.


You’ll Have Fun when you’re not Surfing, too!


If you choose the right Nicaraguan resort, you might find that you’re having as much fun in your non-surfing hours as you are when you’re riding the waves. The perks and amenities offered by the best facilities will give you plenty to write home about.


  • Food- If you love to eat—and who doesn’t, especially on vacation?—consider looking for a vacation package that includes three gourmet meals a day.


  • Fishing- If you choose a resort that gives you the chance to go on a sport fishing excursion or two, your dinner could include fish you catch yourself, like mackerel, tuna, or wahoo (and if you make a really great catch, bragging rights for life will be included at no extra charge).


  • Hot Springs- If spending time at a natural hot springs sounds like a relaxing way to take time off from the rigors of surfing, find a resort that will transport you and your traveling companions right there.


  • Other Options- Some resorts offer optional activities like long horseback rides across beautiful beaches or evening hikes at sunset to view dramatic rock formations.


Staying at a great resort will relieve you of many of the headaches of traveling independently, like moving from hotel to hotel in an attempt to find a comfortable place that suits you. And the best resorts will also help you connect with the local culture by arranging tours of smaller communities nearby, and offering guided tours of markets where you can purchase traditional crafts as souvenirs.


Nicaragua surfing is deservedly famous, but the other charms and attractions of this fascinating country should not be overlooked. Book your excursion to Soma Surf Resort today and discover paradise!




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