Happy Anniversary Soma Surf Resort

This month of May 2012 is our first anniversary.
We at Soma would like to thank all of our guests and supporters for our first successful year here in Las Salinas, Nicaragua.
We have all shared numerous perfect surf sessions at Popoyo, Astillero, Guasacate, Chococente, El Penon, and Playgrounds.
Special thanks to the Thorns, the Yorks, the Smiths, the Metzgers, the Warners, the Magrones, the boys from London, Vinnie from Alice radio and Christina, Nancy and Gus, Paula and Fynn, the girls from Long Beach, Kristin, Jessica, Jamie and Christina, Todd and Holly, the Marlengas, Rodolfo from Chile, the Roadmonkeys, Derek and Letrine, Reid Goldstein-the Brada de Brada, and anyone else I am omitting here.

A special thank you goes to my son Bill, for sharing an all-time, top 5 in my life session at sunset Popoyo. Even though I caught no waves. I will never forget you catching numerous leashless bombs, or our talk on the long walk home.

And a very special acknowledgement goes to my beautiful wife Casey, who created our dream and is the engine and soul of Soma Surf Resort.

Una vez mas muchas gratias a todos los amigos de Soma,
Bill Morton May 2012

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