A Luxury Surf Resort

Soma Surf Resort, a luxury resort in the heart of some of the best waves Nicaragua has to offer.

Nicaragua is certainly not the first place that comes to mind for a luxury travel vacation, even when you narrow it down to Central America. It’s a poor country with a tourism infrastructure that is far behind that of its neighbors. This is a tourist destination on the rise though, which appeals to a lot of people trying to get away from the tried and true and experience the real deal. Soma lets you experience the real Nicaragua, while still providing the amenities of an upscale resort.

Nicaragua has gotten a lot of positive press in the past few years, with some likening it to Puerto Vallarta in the 1950s or Costa Rica in the 1970s. Things will take off here eventually, but it takes time for the word to get out. Positive word of mouth is spreading.

For now though, this country is a place to experience nature and go on adventures without the crowds. The same things that draw millions to visit Costa Rica are also easy to find in Nicaragua but without the hoards of tourists and also more affordable.: endless deserted beaches, dramatic volcanoes, tropical jungles, and hundreds of exotic bird species. Plus there are some things Costa Rica doesn’t really have: colonial architecture and a huge lake with a volcanic island in the middle, uncrowded surfing beaches, with consistent surf conditions, better priced accommodations, and a much more tranquil style and atmosphere. In many spots you can stroll down beaches for miles without seeing more than 10 other people. Nicaragua has the amazing power to lead you on an incredible journey. Come to Soma and take home a new experience.

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