The Rainy Season that Wasn’t…

I just spent 5 weeks here at Soma by myself, as October is generally a very stormy and rainy month in Las Salinas, with mostly onshore winds, river runoff, and impassable roads.  All the hotels,  surf camps and restaurants close for the month due to this inclement weather.  The first few nights I had a quiador  (night guard)  but I realized we had 3 alert dogs, everything was locked up tight and put away, it was just me here so why not go for broke and have it just be me. So  then I had the place totally to myself with the  3 dogs, and 4 cats.  Our faithful limpeza  (cleaning lady) came in 2 days per week to maintain the basic living areas.  Other than that,  I never left the place and had no human contact for weeks.

I had my daily routine of cleaning, cooking small meals, feeding and playing with the animals, and a few projects around the resort.  We did have an elliptical machine, so I could work out every day. But as the quiet days passed, the rain didn’t show. There were some minor showers, but not one big storm.  Lots of lightning and thunder, some  onshore winds, but the big one never appeared.

I heard there were a number of good surf days, small, but clean and uncrowded-2 or 3 people in the line-up at Popoyo.

Even the electricity (Union Fenosa),  notoriously inconsistent, stayed on most of the time.

So, what a different experience for a Gringo who has lived in urban/suburban areas his entire life.  Five weeks of hearing the cows and horses, birds and howler monkeys, watching the sunrise and sunset every day, by himself.

In one way, it was a treat after 32 years of teaching high school in California not to have someone asking me for something every 22 seconds. On the other hand, it was lonely at times too. And that was good, because we as a society don’t spend enough quiet times with ourselves and/or our loved ones.

I did have Claro cable TV but I didn’t watch much.  Of course I did use the internet daily to communicate with Casey, Bill, and my family. And I did watch a few UFC fights and boxing matches on computer feed.

But all in all, there was a comfort in the simplicity and serenity in being in such a beautiful place by myself, to help remember how our ancestors lived in harmony and appreciation of nature.

Of course, this past week when Casey returned and we started to prepare to open, a couple of big storms came through and one knocked the electricity out for 12 hours. But now, it’s back to normal Popoyo weather–sunny, with light offshores.

There was a beautiful full moon last night, and that helped me remember why we went through the process of building a place here.  It was the magical Nicaragua we love and the Nicaragua that our guests see, experience and take home.

Bill Morton   October 2012   Popoyo,  Tola, Rivas, Nicaragua.

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