The Wharton School of Business Surf Club 2014

They came, they surfed fun waves, partied, re-connected with old friends, made new ones and learned  a bit about the Nicaraguan culture here in the Las Salinas Popoyo area.  A great group of 24 individuals from all over the globe, including the US, Japan, Russia, Korea, and many other locations.  Some of the group had never surfed and loved learning the sport.  Others were working to get better and get a bit more skill under the belts.  They did yoga, rode horses on the beach, watched amazing sunsets, laid in the hammocks with mojitos and disconnected from their hectic lives and quieted down their mental activity  for a few days.   This tiny time away in a rural village surrounded by nature at it’s rawest provided the opportunity to let their conjectures, ideas, observations, new knowledge and old knowledge sort themselves out.   Thanks for coming and sharing!

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