Three in a Hammock

I am back in Nicaragua, retired, and looking forward to a busy season. Soma looks terrific; all it takes is one week of rain and the green explodes everywhere. When I look towards Mombacho, there is a series of outgoing layers of deepening emerald hills and mountains. We have a few days before our bookings arrive, so I surfed Popoyo this morning. Not too crowded, head-high, but high tide. There were some bigger sets. I caught one sweeper from way over off the point and ran it all the way to the beach. I had changed up the fins on my Coil to a different quad combo, and it worked perfectly on that wave. I was flying with no effort.

When I got home, Casey and Eddie were leaving for Rivas, so I did some work on the computer and got ready for a nap. As soon as I started to walk towards the rancho, here come the 3 cats and 2 dogs. The biggest cat- OG, and the biggest dog-Rudy, climb right in the hammock with me. The others settle down underneath us. The sun was out, there was a good breeze, and soon we all were out.  Suddenly I was awakened by squirming bodies and scrambling paws all over me. It was half dark, rain was coming at us sideways, and we all were trying to get out of the hammock at the same time. I stepped on Whispy’s tail, almost fell on the slippery caoba floor, and started taking down the hammock as fast as I could.  By the time I headed down the stairs, all 5 animals were staring at me, safe and dry under the kitchen walkway, with a look like “why is that idiot soaking wet? He’s too old and slow…”

It was a brief and furious shower. The electricity went off and came back on after an hour. Welcome back to Nicaragua…

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