Travel and Nicaragua

1. Is it safe it visit Nicaragua?

Yes! Nicaragua is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure and curiosity. You will ask yourself why didn’t I discover this sooner? Nicaragua is a developing country, which is a two sided coin. It’s natural splendor is relatively untouched, and available for all to enjoy. Also the normal amounts of wealth and standard of living evident in North America and or Europe is lacking here. These are the biggest differences and ones we feel that all guests at soma can learn and benefit from. As documented by the United States Department of State in their country profiles of Latin America you will probably find that Nicaragua has one of the lowest crime rates of any country in Central America. These people who have so little still seem to be the most generous and will most always offer a helping hand.

2. What documents do I need to enter the country of Nicaragua?

To enter Nicaragua you must have a valid passport which does not expire for at least six months and pay a $10.00 entrance fee for a tourist card.

3. Can I drink the water?

We recommend not drinking the water due to the difference in bacteria here verses what you are normally use to at home.  Bottled water is available for purchase at Soma. Soma takes great measures in preparing all food with purified water and ice is made with purified water.

4. What happens in case of a medical emergency?

The Roberto Clemente Medical Clinic is located 20 minutes from soma for any minor emergencies. A large modern hospital Vivan Pellas is located in Managua 2 ½ hours by car. Vivan Pellas hospital offers high quality medical care and they are familiar with attending to foreign residents and travelers. In an extreme medical emergency a helicopter can be ordered. This is a 30 minute flight from soma to Managua.

5. Health concerns and immunizations.

No inoculations or immunizations are necessary to enter Nicaragua. It would be best to check with your physician for personal recommendations. The only notable disease problem reported in some locations of the country is dengue fever (spread by mosquitoes in certain urban areas where there is stagnant standing water and a history of the disease.) Soma is not located in the flatlands and there is no standing water in or around the resort. We are fortunate to have few mosquitoes due to our location in the hills with strong prevailing offshore winds

6. Can you use U.S. Dollars in Nicaragua?

Yes, all most all places of business will accept American money. Smaller denominations are easier for the local merchants to exchange. The local currency is cordabas which you will receive when you get change from your purchase even if using American money. Other currencies are not readily accepted and should be exchanged for cordabas at the airport.

Getting to soma

1. What is the best way to arrive at soma?

There are basically three options: renting a vehicle at the MGA airport, having soma arrange for your airport pickup or taking a taxi. The best options are renting a vehicle, or having soma arrange for your airport pickup. The entire trip takes about 2 ½ hrs and many times the local taxi driver is not familiar with the Tola area on the Pacific Coast.

2. Can you provide ground transportation from the airport or another hotel to soma?

Airport Pick-up: Soma can arrange airport pick up at MGA. Your driver will be waiting just outside the sliding glass doors with a sign that says soma surf resort. The drive to the resort is an adventure and takes 2 1/2 hours.

Hotel Pick-up: Soma can also arrange pick-up from another hotel that you might be staying at.

3. Do you recommend driving to soma?

If you have a sense of adventure and feel comfortable driving in a Latin American country, then yes! It is an excellent way to explore the country and see everything that Nicaragua has to offer, including sharing the road with horses, ox drawn carts and herds of cattle. Renting a car and driving is considered challenging due to poor road conditions, and virtually no road signs. The only thing that we would advise against is driving at night. All major car rental companies are represented at MGA. We recommend reserving a 4×4 vehicle prior to your trip due to limited quantities and road conditions in the Pacific Coast beach areas.

View Driving Directions to soma

View the “Getting There” section of our website for more information about travel to soma.

Once at soma

1. Is soma and Nicaragua family friendly?

Yes! soma is a perfect place for families with a sense of adventure and the ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. There is a multitude of outside activities for children from digging for seashells at the beach, to boogie boarding, exploring the tidal pools, taking surf lessons, horseback riding, fishing, or just spending lazy afternoons at the beach or in the pool.

2. What will my bungalow or deluxe room be like?

Bungalows: Soma understands the different needs of our guests and offers private bungalows which are uncompromisingly simple yet elegant. They are surrounded with large French windows that allow for cross ventilation or if you choose can be closed and the air-conditioning can be used. Each bungalow has two double/full beds, and one twin bed with fine quality linens. Bathrooms have double sinks and oversize showers all made from hand cut local stone. Each bungalow is finely appointed with furniture and art from the local artisans.

Deluxe Rooms: Our Deluxe Rooms offer the same amenities and fine details as our private bungalows. They are a bit smaller and more economical and offer three twin beds.

3. Is there air conditioning in the rooms?

Yes, all bungalows and deluxe rooms have air-conditioning.

4. Is there internet and phone access?

Yes, soma has high speed internet available to all of its guests at no charge. Skype calls are available to all guests free of charge. Soma also has a mobile phone available for national and international calls for a nominal fee.

5. Do you accept credit cards at soma?

Yes, all credit cards are accepted at soma. Please be advised that travelers checks are not accepted in Nicaragua.

6. What is the weather like?

This area of Nicaragua experiences warm to hot breezy days with constant offshore winds and temperatures ranging from 75 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The green or wet season which runs May through October is characterized by afternoon or evening showers. The dry season extends from November thought April with virtually no rain. The offshore winds are stronger at this time with little significant change in daily temperatures.

7. Will I like the food?

Although soma is in a rural and somewhat isolated setting, we think you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and flavor of the food served. We concentrate on local foods; fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, and beef with an emphasis on pairing great tastes with tantalizing recipes for nourishing and satisfying meals. soma’s full service restaurant serves fresh fare with a distinct flavor using natural ingredients where you will truly savor the “farm to table” experience.

8. What activities in addition to surfing are available?

There is a selection of things to do at soma including fitness activities and spa services, short excursions and Guided Tours. Please view our Guest Activities section for more details.

  • Sport Fishing
  • Horseback riding
  • Kayaking through the estuary
  • Tidal Pool – swimming and discovery
  • Hiking at the Chococente Reserve / Hiking to Magnifique Rock
  • Boxing and Martial Arts – included in your stay (beginning June 2011)
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Mombacho Volcano Tour
  • Granada Guided Tour
  • Enjoy Natural Hot Springs within the indigenous community

9. How far is soma from the ocean and nearest surf breaks?.

Soma sits in the hills overlooking some of the best surf spots in Nicaragua. There are more than 10 world class surf breaks all within 35 minutes accessible by car or boat from soma. Popoyo, and Guasacate beach break are both within 10 minutes of soma. See surf for complete information.

10. Is there a beach for swimming?

Yes, there is a beautiful, expansive beach virtually deserted just minutes from soma. It has a sandy bottom, perfect for playing in the waves, boogie boarding, or learning how to surf.  You can include a picnic lunch if you choose to make an afternoon of it! There are no lifeguards.

11. What is the best way to the surf breaks

 Daily transportation to various surf breaks is $20 per day

12. Do you have boats for accessibility for hard to access surf breaks and or fishing?

Soma can also arrange half and full day boat trips for difficult to access surf spots.

Rates: Full Day Rate $150.00  / Half Day Rate $120.00


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